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Below is a selection of the works I've done over the past four years. The images in each section are ordered from oldest to most recent, with the exception of images that are from a series or specific project.

Drawings about

popcorn thumb from xerox knees thumb toast thumb from music thumb still life thumb shelf portrait thumb

    Figure/Life about

    Warning: most images in this section are artistic nudes

    fiveMin1Thumb fiveMin2Thumb man1Thumb man3Thumb man2Thumb man2FaceThumb man4Thumb man5Thumb man6Thumb man7Thumb man8Thumb man9Thumb man10Thumb


Graphic Design and Illustration about


Monoprints about

3PennyThumb girl green thumb girl orange thumb lives 1 thumb lives 2 thumb lives 3 thumb lives 4 thumb lives 5 thumb mermaind dark thumb mermaid light thumb


Paintings about

    LOLWAT! (series) about



    Animals about

    Environment about

    Nailed about

    Portraits about


Sculpture about

bird thumbnail bugs thumbnail arms thumbnail


Video Games

    Battlesheep about

    logo thumb title left thumb sign thumb title right thumb clouds thumb fence thumb sheep thumb dog thumb wolf thumb blue thumb red thumb walking thumb trap thumb open trap thumb

    Equilibrium about

    Spectrum about

    title page thumbnail credit screen thumbnail sprite sheet thumbnail knify cloud thumbnail funnel thumbnail heavy box thumbnail


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